My Turn to trim

October 7, 2007

Oct. 07 2007

I am attempting to trim on my own. Scary yet exciting.

Here are belladonna’s Fronts Pictures of before and after.


Before Front Left

After trim front lefts


Right Fronts Now

Right before (above)

Right fronts after


*Note 110% sure I did not take off enough. So more will be coming and then I will be trimming rears.











































Pictures to come Sunday 09/02/07

September 2, 2007




Sorry about no pictures today. We had a little emergency here this morning with Paco. I woke up to find his left eye and nostril had Green goop.

So I made me frantic and call my vet. It seems he had a reaction to a fly; he is on 2 different eye ointments for 7 days, 3 times a day.

I have to brag here, Paco was brave. He had a stranger check his temp and pokes his eye and nose and do exam and he only stepped back 3 times.

No bolting etc. So my little burro was a brave guy for once!

Tomorrow evening photos of hooves will be posted.



8-27-07 3 days after trim

August 28, 2007



As promised, better hoof views.


Right front-Belladonna

Left front-Belladonna

Right hind-Belladonna

Left hind-Belladonna


Belladonna-not happy


Left front- Paco

Left hind- Paco

Right hind-Paco

Right front- Paco

Left front- Colby (due to unknown reason this photo get super fuzzy when brought to normal size. So I kept it small)

Left hind-colby

Right hind-colby

Right front- Colby




2 days after a trim

August 27, 2007



These were taken Sunday Aug. 26 2007.

Bella’s Left front.

Bella’s Hind’s

Bella’s Fronts

Bella’s right front not cleaned

Paco’s fronts

Paco’s rears

Colby’s fronts

Colby’s rears


Now Body shots





Another angle on Bella





Paco Burro

August 25, 2007

And here is Paco. He is 2 years old




Left Front

Right Front

Right Hind

Left hind


And here is Paco

Burro hooves-Colby

August 25, 2007

Here are One of my burros! Colby is 4 yr old solid grey burro

Colby’s Front hooves

Colby’s Hind hooves

Left front –Colby

Right Front-Colby

Left Hind-Colby

Right Hind- Colby

And this is Colby

8-24-07 After a Trim

August 24, 2007

This is what her Hooves look like now!












Front Feet after a Grinder trim

Hind feet after a grinder trim

Left front after

Right Front After

Right Hind after

Another view of the right hind

Left hind after

Left hind another view of after



And for all wondering is a photo of my Farrier Phil working on Bella

8-24-07 Trim Photos Before

August 24, 2007

Okay Here It is.

6 year old Mustang Mare. Fed only grass hay/oat/3 grain. With mineral supplements. NOTHING ELSE!


Belladonna before Pictures

Front Feet

Hind feet












Hind Right Hoof Crack


Before a trim Left front

Before a trim and cleaning right front *note the chunk of hoof wall missing on her quarter bar she took out 8-4-07